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  1. 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Focus on Millennials
    The discussion on Millennials is all the rage these days. You will be hard press to find an HR blogger who has not approached this subject. However, in this video, I share 3 reasons why focusing on one group is a bad idea as well as 5 strategies you can implement to improve the engagement levels of all of your employees.
  2. Help: My Employees are Sharing Too Much
    Social media has impacted many industries in various ways. For HR it has forced us to look at policies concerning our employees' conduct on and off the clock. There are laws governing how to handle certain actions but what do you do when the infraction is more bad judgement than a violation of the law? In this video, I share 5 steps you can take when investigating reports of social media misconduct.
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Sometimes when you're facing difficultly balancing employee and business obligations, you just need a quick word of advice to direct your search for a long term solution.  If this sounds like you, check out our video library for a quick dose of inspiration.
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In this day and age, business as usual is just not cutting it.  You may need a fresh perspective on how to maximize your human resources programs to improve your employee morale and productivity. The HR Strategist offers consulting services in the area of selection, training, and employee relations.
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    Training HR professionals, Managers and Supervisors in a live group session is the best way for key players to retain information. It can also serve as a great team building initiative. With everyone in the same space, hearing the same message, sharing individual concerns while working through REAL workplace challenges; that's a recipe for success.
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