Interviewing Strategies for Managers

Interviewer Strategies
Creating jobs and defining your talent requirements is only half the battle when seeking to advance your organization towards its goals.  Hiring the right person for the job is the other half.    Once qualified applicants have been identified, managers must use the right mix of strategies to determine a fit between the employer, the position and the candidate.

Face to face interviews is the most widely used method for selecting candidates but it is not the most effective.  In most cases. there's usually several applicants for one opening.  How do you identify the best individual to join your team? This course covers my top, tried and true strategies to get the most out of the interview process.
Course participants will cover: 
  • Selection criteria and how to implement it to save time and make better selections  
  • Video interviewing how to conduct them while complying with pre-employment laws 
  • How to vary your selection approach based on the job requirement
  • Interview question do's and don'ts
  • Recognizing interviewer biases