Creating Jobs To Advance Business Objectives

Employee engagement
Employee engagement is the #1 struggle for most businesses.  Studies show 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged at work.  I am convinced we can fix this by first,creating jobs that are engaging.  Don't believe me?  I will show you how.  Register for this course to learn how you can take your most mundane job in the workplace and develop it into a careerpath.

What Would You Learn?

How to set the foundation
1.  Step by step process to defining a job, using a job analysis

Count the cost
2.  How to price a job, determine your incentives and set your pay ranges

Build the structure
3.  How to create career paths and retain top talent

If you want to attract and retain talent, this is the course for you.  You don't want to miss this.  Keeping employees excited about their work is a task and one you want to master as you seek to advance the business via human resources.  This is a live event.

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